Dear Friends,

Many of us are contributing to help continue some of Swamiji’s special projects throughout India.

New Project!

Education Sponsorships
For years, Swamiji has been putting many young students through school. We would like to continue helping as many of these students as we can. To date we have committed to sponsoring the education of six students through grammar school, high school and college. From this point on, most of our fundraising will be for this purpose.

Please know that 100% of our Saturday class donations are being earmarked for these projects. Whenever another project requires our support, we will earmark our donations for that project.

Previous Projects

Manjakkudi Project
As many of you know, Swamiji was born and raised in Manjakkudi and has started many schools there, providing board and room plus a high standard of education for students from pre-school all the way through college. Please enjoy the links on this page which will  give you more exposure to what is being accomplished in Manjakkudi and throughout India by Aim for Seva, the umbrella organization through which many of Swamiji’s projects are handled.

Animal Welfare
Lucky was one of the Anaikatti ashram dogs who worked at the ashram for at least four years. His job was to accompany the night watchmen on their night watch. He was especially needed for driving away the wild boars who often came out in packs at night.  He protected the night watchmen and all the ashram students, staff, and guests. Unfortunately, Lucky loved to go to the temple and would often run through the class while in session and it was decided that he could no longer continue living there. Some of us decided to bring Lucky to the states where he could have the home that he always seemed to want. He is now here, living at Morning Deer Farm and very happy!!!
We thank all of you who made this possible.

A Few Websites to Visit
Swami Dayananda Educational Trust, Manjakkudi
Manjakkudi School  YouTube
AIM for Seva  Facebook