Note: Many of the audio file names include a date code of yymmdd which may be followed by a single letter a/b/c/d indicating 1st/2nd/3rd/4th recording of that day

A Brief Course on the Sanskrit Script

Sanskrit Grammar Classes

Retreat Audios (2015- )

Atmabodha Class Audios  (2022- )

Historic non-Retreat Class Audios

(note: texts that are covered in retreat audios are not listed below – you need to look under Retreat Audios to see the texts listed)

Advaitamakaranda Class Audios (2011-2012)

Aparoksanubhuti Class Audios   Verses 18-144 (2009-2010)

Avadhuta Gita Class Audios (2018-2020)

Bhagavad Gita Class Audios (2007-2015)

Daksinamurti Stotram Audios (2011)

Daksinamurti Stotram Audios (2020-2021)

Hastamalaka Audios  (2007)

Hastamalaka Audios (2021)

Hastamalakiya Bhasyam Audios  (2008-2009)

Kaivalyopanisad Class Audios  (2010-2011)

Kathopanisad Class Audios  (2016-2017)

Kenopanisad Class Audios  (2017)

Mandukyopanisad Class Audios  (2012-2015)

Morning Meditations (2020)

Mundakopanisad Class Audios   (2007-2008)   

Pancadasi Class Audios  (various)

Pratasmarmi Stotram Audios (2011) 

No Text Class Audios (2020- ) 

Saddarshanam Class Audios  (2011-2012)  

Satsang and Meditation Audios (2007, 2015-16)

Saturday Meditation/Satsang Audios (2020-2022)

Selected Talks (2020)

Shri Rudram Class Audios  (2011)

Special Talks  (2017)

Taittiriyopanisad Class Audios (2009-2011)

Talks on Meditation  (various)

Tattvabodha Class Audios  (2017)

Vedantadindima Class Audios (2010-2011)

Vedantasara Class Audios (2010-2011 2013-2014)

Visnusahasranama (2013-2017)