Welcome to the Online Sanskrit Course

The Online Sanskrit Course is a work in progress. Many students who would like to learn the Sanskrit language do not have an opportunity to do so. The hope is that this online course will help fill that gap.

Part 1 of the course will teach you the Devanagari script.
Part 2 will teach the Sandhi rules.

After that, we will see how it goes.

Part I:  The Sanskrit Alphabet

Please print out the course handout. The audio links listed below the handout will take you through the handout page by page.

Sanskrit Alphabet Course Handbook

Audio Links:
The Sanskrit Alphabet (page 2)
Vowel and Consonant Recognition (page 4-5)
Exercise 1: Vowels Following Consonants (page 8).
Exercise 2: Consonant-Vowel Recognition (page 8)
Reading Practice: Simple Words without Conjunct Consonants (page 9-10)
Vedanta Vocabulary List 1 (page 13) with Transliteration (page 14-15)

Part 2: Sandhi Rules

Sandhi Rules Course Handbook