Spring Vedanta Camp at Morning Deer Farm –  May 18-28, 2018

Our Spring camp will include daily meditation, two vedanta classes, and satsang taught by Radha.

This is a camping event, the climate will be warm at this time of year and there are beautiful camping spaces available. There are a few rooms available if you are unable to camp. And, if you prefer there is a very nice lodge just a few minutes down the road. Indian Creek Lodge   

For those arriving by car, we ask that you bring all your camping equipment with you – tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, etc. If you like to garden, we have plenty of gardening tools available for use. But, feel free to bring your own tools (a clipper, pruning saw and a small knife), please feel free to do so.

We will be accepting donations to cover the cost of food and expenses. Suggested donation is $40 per day, but there are many ways to contribute so please don’t let funds stand in your way.

Click here to let us know if you are able to attend and we will provide you with all the logistical information you will need.

We look forward to a wonderful time together.