One Week Vedanta Retreat in Australia

Dear Friends,

Radha has agreed to hold a retreat at our farm in Sydney, Australia  from the 18th to 24th March 2019.  We are planning to have daily Vedanta  classes, meditation, Satsang, private meetings with Radha and other activities.

We are located in a semi rural area on the edge of Sydney, about a 6o minute drive from the international airport.

We have limited accommodation in the main house, so the retreat would be similar to those at Radha’s Morning Deer Farm in California, with shared accommodation and in tents. For those wishing to have private accommodation options should be available nearby.

Fortunately Radha’s airfare and expenses are being taken care off so the main expenses for those attending would be for food and personal expenses. We all would assist in cooking and cleaning up.

The average temperatures for Sydney in our area for March are
26°C high and  17°C low at night
77°F high  and 63°F  low

For more details please send an email to

Let’s hope that it is Isvarah’s plan and will be mangalam and a blessing for all!